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Blessing Beads | Short Wood

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My husband and I took a trip to South Carolina two months after our son died as a way to separate ourselves from the pain filled reality we were living in.  In a small art studio, we came across what the artist described as “blessing beads” — a strand of beads intended to bring hope, good faith, and protection into the home of another.  It was the only thing I brought home from our trip, and it hung on the door of our son’s room from that point forward.  The blessing beads from our trip inspired me to create the Blessing Bead Collection we now offer to you, today.

I string all of our blessing beads by hand, create the alpaca wool yarn tassel, and wrap each with gold wire that is strung through a hand cast brass charm.  I hold the meaning behind these pieces incredibly close to my heart, and want them to always be something that my hands make for you and your family.  My hope is that they can bring a sense of love into your home, just like they did mine.

Our short strands are best used when hung on a doorknob.  They make a beautiful gift to family and friends, an expectant mother, or to your own child — to place on their door and remind them that they are safe and loved.

Length 19 white, 2 wood

Cord 3mm genuine suede cording

Tassel heathered gray alpaca wool yarn

Charm small hammered brass cross

Blessing Beads | Short Wood
Blessing Beads | Short Wood Sale price$43.00