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Die Striking

What is die striking?

Die striking has its roots in the ancient art of forging, and was used for centuries to create the strongest, sharpest swords and knives. At that time, the metal was repeatedly heated and hammered by hand into shape.  The consistent hammering compressed the molecules that make up the metal tightly together, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable piece.

Why do we prefer die striking?

In order to craft the foundation tag, the skilled artisans we have partnered with die strike a sheet of solid metal using a custom-made steel hub (male pattern), steel master die (female pattern), and working die (duplicate of the master die).  This die has been specifically crafted to fit the exact specifications of our designs.  These extreme conditions alter the metal’s underlying molecular structure, resulting in a porosity-free piece of timeless beauty.  Ultimately, this level of craftsmanship and durability cannot be recreated by traditional casting methods, which is why we have chosen to produce the foundation tag with the die striking process.

Benefits of Die Struck Jewelry

  • Dense durability | allowing us to create legacy pieces that last a lifetime
  • Porosity-free metal | higher resistance to corrosion and wear
  • Polishing capabilities | allows for beautiful surface polishing that lasts longer