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Our chains have been intentionally designed and selected to pair perfectly with the foundation tag | however, we wanted to provide you with the option of capturing your own taste and personality by offering various styles and lengths.

16” fits gently around the base of the neck | pairs well with most necklines other that full button-up shirts

18” falls just below the collarbone | the most popular and versatile length that can be paired with most any neckline

20” sits a few inches below the collarbone | pairs well with most necklines, and will likely lay over top of clothing — this length allows you to look down and visualize the tag

24” falls at or just above the bustline | our longest length that provides a true statement, and layers perfectly with shorter chain lengths

Keep in mind that every person is different — while this chart describes an overview of chain length, it will vary from person to person. We recommend finding your favorite necklace at home, and measuring the length of the chain, to ensure you are happy with your length selection.