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How To Order

Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of this year’s PAIL Collection. We will be opening preorders tonight at midnight, central time | 8/9 at 12am CST. We intend to keep preorders open until 8/14 at 11:59pm CST. While we hope to allow everyone who is interested in ordering a chance to choose the pieces they want, there is a chance we will sell out of the most in demand sizes, styles and colors. We kindly encourage you to place your order as early in the preorder window as possible to ensure availability.
All names have been listed alphabetically based off the first letter of the first name submitted | Example: Wells Scott Hoover would be categorized under names that start with W.
The submissions have been subdivided into three lists:
List A-D (includes names beginning with A thru D)
List E-L (includes names beginning with E thru L)
List M-Z (includes names beginning with M thru Z)
Keep in mind — if you submitted a name that starts with Baby (ex: Baby Hoover) it will be included in the A-D list. If you submitted a name that starts with The (ex: The Hoover Babies) it will be included in the M-Z list. If you submitted multiple names (Ex: Wells + Sloane) they will be included in the list that correlates with the first letter of the first name submitted.
You will select the list that your baby is a part of in the same location as you will select the size and color of the piece being ordered. My baby’s name is Wells. I will be selecting the M-Z list because Wells’ name starts with a W which is included in the M-Z list.
We kindly ask that prior to completing your order, you double check that all items in your cart reflect the correct name list. We will reach out to you directly if we see that multiple lists have been ordered within one order to ensure this was intentional.
This is our busiest time of year, and we will do our best to respond to all emails and questions as promptly as we can. We have done our best to provide as many resources and instructions as possible, but are here to help if you need any assistance.
Thank you again for allowing us to honor your angels.